Mathematics Class 趣味数学与奥数班

1. About Me 关于我
I am Teacher Mao.  I did a lot of work in Mathematics since I was a child. I won many Mathematics competition champions in China including National China Mathematics Olympiad. I have a Master Degree from University of Sydney. China Mathematics Olympiad coach.

2. About Teaching Students 关于教学生
I taught more than thirty students in one to one, one to two. My students easily achieved high marks in O.C., Selective High Mathematics test.
I taught my son Olympic Mathematics every week. When he was Year 3, he already learned Year 5 Olympic Maths and he was awarded the top 1% High Distinction in ICAS Mathematics Competition. And got full marks in O.C Mathematics test.

3. About Course 关于开课
I have Mathematics Classes in PeiJi Chinese School(Blacktown Girl High School) on every Saturday. It focuses students from Year 1 to Year 9.
There will be 3 classes, may increase as demand.
Junior Class: Year 1 and Year 2;  11:30am–12:30pm;
Middle Class: from Year 3 to Year 6; 12:30pm–1:30pm;
Flexible Class:  Any grades;  1:30pm–2:30pm;
Other time: 2:30pm–4:30pm: Any grades, 2 students can start.
其它时间:2:30pm–4:30pm 任何年级,有2个学生就可以开课。
Fee: $15 per class. Every term, there are 10 classes.

4. About Online Course 关于网上视频课程

5. Contact Me 与我联系


About Maths 关于奥数